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Hangzhou Gene Era Biotech

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Hangzhou Gene Era Biotech
Co., Ltd.

256 Jianghong Nan Road
Binjiang District
310052 Hangzhou
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Fax: +86 571 8990 0625




Screw Cap Tubes

-Unique O-ring integrated design ensures better protection for reagents. -Multiple color-blue, green, orange, red, violet, amber etc for option. -0.6ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml with self-standing or V-bottom type, tube with or without screw, cap with or without loop for option.weiterlesen

Micro Centrifuge Tubes

-GEB dual snap lock provides double cap lock for micro centrifuge tubes with a safer leak proof to protect reaction systems or biological solutions. -Dual snap lock also creates a half lock status which provides a flexible position during multiple reagents processing steps. -Withstand up to 20,000RCF. -Glass-like ...weiterlesen

Deep well plates and sealing mats

-96-well and 384-well with round and square wells with U-shaped and V-shaped bottoms. -Can be autoclavalbe at 12 and long-term stable at -80. -Alphabetical sorting and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples. -Applicable for both multi-channel pipettor and automation system. -GEB sealing mats ...weiterlesen

PCR plates

-Suitable for all major brand thermal cyclers and quantitive PCR systems. -99.99% pure virgin polypropylene, ultra-thin design thickness of uniform process results in. -Accurate heat transfer, precise temperature control and reduced test cycle time.weiterlesen

PCR Tubes and 8-strip tubes

-Materials are 99.99% pure virgin polypropylene. -The unique long cap flange design of the tube reduces sample evaporation. -Ultra-thin, uniform thickness ensures consistent heat transfer during the process. -Barcoding available on skirted PCR plate.weiterlesen

Robotic tips

GEB Thin Wall Crown robotic tip provides you a better seal effect for robotic systems, and is more flexible and requires less insertion force. We have a full line of robotic tips that compatible for most brands of automation workstation, such as Agilent, Beckman, Hamilton, Tecan, Tecan MCA, PerkinElmer, ...weiterlesen

Universal Pipette Tip

GEB Thin Wall Crown technology reduces the pipettor wear out. GEB tips with aerosol filter can protect the pipettor, prevent the aerosols pollution and reduce faults of the experimental results. All tips have graduation mark to offer clear reading of liquid volume. Low retention tips greatly improve ...weiterlesen

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