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Magnetic particles

Magnetic nanoparticles are high-performance sorbents for nucleic acids isolation. Paramagnetic core provides fast collection when magnetic field is applied to particles suspension. Due to almost zero residual magnetization particles can be easily resuspended when magnetic field is removed. Specially ...weiterlesen

Isolation assisting complex

Isolation of biological macromolecules can be significantly optimized and simplified by using specially designed equipment complex. The presented complex is a modular solution consisting of many optional components. It includes isolation kits optimized for specific purposes, handheld or desktop mixers ...weiterlesen


dNTPs and their mixes are synthetically produced using premium source materials, dissolved and stabilized for long-term storage. The guaranteed purity of dNTPs is higher than 99%. The purity is tested by RP-HPLC. All dNTPs are very accurately tested for absence of exonucleases, endonucleases, proteases, ...weiterlesen

Kits for nucleic acids isolation

The kits are based on paramagnetic silicon dioxide covered nanoparticles. Different kits are designed for specific biological materials: whole blood, blood plasma and serum, FFPE tissues, swabs, plants, bacteria etc. There are two versions of each kit for each material - optimized for DNA or RNA isolation. Using ...weiterlesen

Sileks Taq Polymerase

Standard Taq is a regular multypurpose polymerase for many applications. Colored Taq is a colored version of the polymerase. Neutral dye is added to the enzyme making it possible to load reaction product directly on gel. Hot Taq is a special version of polymerase intended for PCR with hot start.weiterlesen

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