LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May

Applications/Research Biotechnology


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 27 Sep. 2017

War has been declared on one of the biggest health risks worldwide

The Federal Republic of Germany and other international sponsors have promised funds of €56.5 million to the Global Antibiotic Research and... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 30 Aug. 2017

Genetic engineering in a new light

The new field of optogenetics is using light-controlled proteins and biomolecules to develop pioneering applications. To optimize the... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 05 Jul. 2017

LABVOLUTION the fitting grand finale to round off a world tour

Hamilton Bonaduz AG concluded its successful half-year global tour of important conferences and trade fairs headlining bioprocessing... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 31 May. 2017

Formidable task forces – where research and industry meet

The Jülich Research Center was at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase the new "Microbial Bioprocess Lab" (MiBioLab) that provides innovative... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 18 May. 2017

X-ray has had its day!

GATC Biotech AG is Europe's leading supplier in the field of genome analysis and is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION 2017 under the slogan... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 15 May. 2017

A particularly fresh innovation!

Potsdam-based BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH is at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase its latest contribution to food quality control - the new... more


Reagents, Chemicals and Consumables | 14 May. 2017

Sharp as horseradish!

SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH offers numerous tried-and-tested reagents and is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover to show how life in... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 14 May. 2017

A chip a day keeps the doctor away?

To accommodate bespoke personalized medicine in the smallest of spaces, the CellChipGroup at TU Wien is combining complex biology with chip... more


Lab Equipment | 12 May. 2017

A helping hand from lab-friendly Glomax

Remember the cute and kindly robot called "Baymax", who helps a young boy make his way in the Disney film Big Hero 6? Perhaps Glomax, the... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 11 May. 2017

Wanted! R+D service provider with own laboratory seeks…

Membrane, antibody, gel and electrophoresis system manufacturers, companies that handle minuscule volumes of liquid and users of service... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 10 May. 2017

Fraunhofer has its eye on every little move!

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation - IPA is showcasing smart laboratory automation solutions at... more


Life Sciences | 10 May. 2017

Backside illumination lights the way forward!

Photometrics is promoting the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS at LABVOLUTION 2017 as the first ever camera with 95-percent quantum efficiency. The... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 09 May. 2017

I’ve got two photos for you today!

CrysCam UV, which Dunn Labortechnik is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION, automatically scans 96-well plates and captures both a visual and UV image... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 05 May. 2017

GNOME prototype with a giant effect

According to Austrian playwright Johann Nestroy, progress normally seems to be much greater than it actually is. However, the GNOME (gold... more

Berthold Technologies Sirius II Luminometer

Lab Equipment | 03 May. 2017

Fireflies as bright as stars?

Berthold Technologies is looking to set new standards in luminescence detection with the next-generation Sirius II tube luminometer it is... more


Reagents, Chemicals and Consumables | 19 Apr. 2017

Always the right reagent for your experiments

New England Biolabs is exhibiting its new LUNA Universal qPCR & RT-qPCR products at LABVOLUTION 2017, which promise to provide the very... more

Fraunhofer GeSIM 3D-Druck

Applications/Research Biotechnology | 10 Apr. 2017

Print yourself healthy

The Fraunhofer IST will be joining forces with project partner GeSIM Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH to present the latest... more

Eppendorf AG Trendspots

Specialist Services | 30 Jan. 2017

Wanted: prize-worthy neurobiological research

World-leading laboratory equipment developer Eppendorf and Science magazine are on the lookout for a worthy recipient of the 2017 Eppendorf... more


LABVOLUTION | 19 Apr. 2016

Next chapter in the SmartLAB success story at LABVOLUTION

New SmartLAB Innovation Network promotes development of lab technology Hannover. The smartLAB success story continues. Last year the special... more