LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May

Emerging Technologies


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 30 Aug. 2017

Genetic engineering in a new light

The new field of optogenetics is using light-controlled proteins and biomolecules to develop pioneering applications. To optimize the... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 31 May. 2017

Formidable task forces – where research and industry meet

The Jülich Research Center was at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase the new "Microbial Bioprocess Lab" (MiBioLab) that provides innovative... more


Lab Equipment | 15 May. 2017

Nize and easy!

Hamburg-based Eppendorf AG is at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover to celebrate the world première of VisioNize, with daily demos to show how the... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 14 May. 2017

A chip a day keeps the doctor away?

To accommodate bespoke personalized medicine in the smallest of spaces, the CellChipGroup at TU Wien is combining complex biology with chip... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 11 May. 2017

Wanted! R+D service provider with own laboratory seeks…

Membrane, antibody, gel and electrophoresis system manufacturers, companies that handle minuscule volumes of liquid and users of service... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 10 May. 2017

Fraunhofer has its eye on every little move!

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation - IPA is showcasing smart laboratory automation solutions at... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 05 May. 2017

GNOME prototype with a giant effect

According to Austrian playwright Johann Nestroy, progress normally seems to be much greater than it actually is. However, the GNOME (gold... more


Events | 07 Feb. 2017

LabUSER exhibitor forum – a wellspring of exper

A personal chat at an exhibition stand is just the start. As soon as you need to delve more deeply into certain complex topics, as soon as... more