LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May

Lab Automation


Digitalization | 16 May. 2017

An eye for top-end research

The exhibits that Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH is showcasing at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover include a new generation of focused ion beam... more


Laboratory workflow optimization | 15 May. 2017

Cabinet of curiosities!

The Cabi2Net system from Düperthal is set to revolutionize centralized control for work processes. The Karlstein-based company is at... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 11 May. 2017

Wanted! R+D service provider with own laboratory seeks…

Membrane, antibody, gel and electrophoresis system manufacturers, companies that handle minuscule volumes of liquid and users of service... more


Lab Equipment | 11 May. 2017

Nobody does it better

BMG LABTECH GmbH hails the new PHERAstar FSX it is showcasing at LABVOLUTION 2017 as the most sensitive HTS microplate reader on the market.... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 10 May. 2017

Fraunhofer has its eye on every little move!

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation - IPA is showcasing smart laboratory automation solutions at... more


Lab Equipment | 10 May. 2017

The pipetting robot to kick-start your automation drive?

At LABVOLUTION 2017, BRAND is demonstrating how its new Liquid Handling Station's price-performance ratio and simple operation provide a... more


Applications/Research Biotechnology | 09 May. 2017

I’ve got two photos for you today!

CrysCam UV, which Dunn Labortechnik is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION, automatically scans 96-well plates and captures both a visual and UV image... more


Analysis & Quality Management | 02 May. 2017

It all depends on the perspective!

The knowledge that a change of perspective often leads to new insights is not unique to researchers, but it is particularly important to... more

Assaymatic IVARO BioBank

Lab Equipment | 01 May. 2017

Hands-free workflows!

The new IVARO BioBank is designed to slash the time spent on laborious processes previously conducted by hand. Fledgling company ASSAYMATIC... more

Mettler Toledo Smartstand

Lab Equipment | 24 Apr. 2017

Follow orders - and stand to attention!

Mettler-Toledo is showcasing SmartStand, the world's first intelligent pipette stand, at LABVOLUTION 2017. It is designed to help... more

F&E-Project LegioTyper

Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Food Industries, Environmental Sector | 29 Mar. 2017

Fast technology makes short work of sources of infectious disease

GWK Präzisionstechnik GmbH is at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase the LegioTyper R&D project, a detection system for rapidly assessing the risk... more

nICLAS Fraunhofer

Lab Equipment | 08 Mar. 2017

nICLAS – for the smart lab of the future

The Fraunhofer IPA is at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase the latest news from nICLAS, the new Stuttgart-based innovation center for laboratory... more

Simplifier for Life Sciences

Digitalization | 01 Mar. 2017

Simplify your lab!

Why aren’t smartphones and smartglasses being put to good use in laboratories? iTiZZiMO AG is not only asking key questions at LABVOLUTION... more

Workflow smartLAB

Laboratory workflow optimization | 28 Feb. 2017

Distance tracking: focus on workflow

The optimum handling of laboratory samples at the beginning of the process chain saves time and money. However, automation is not the only... more

Partner smartLAB

smartLAB/Lab of the future | 09 Feb. 2017


What exhibitors have to say about smartLAB 2017. more


smartLAB/Lab of the future | 09 Feb. 2017

Thirteen partners – One vision

To design the laboratory of the future you need pioneering and innovative thinkers and developers from research and industry. Scientists and... more


smartLAB/Lab of the future | 09 Feb. 2017

Bold ideas at smartLAB 2017

The smartLAB presents a few provocative questions to today's laboratory day. more


Daily live: Three use cases | 08 Feb. 2017

Daily live: Three use cases

One highlight of the three-day exhibition running from 16 to 18 May in Hannover, are the three live smartLAB use cases in the fields of... more


smartLAB/Lab of the future | 26 Jan. 2017

Laboratory 4.0: Who needs it, and to what extent?

Laboratory 4.0 promises robotic systems and automation, full digitalization, a flexible, modular work environment, smart materials and... more