LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May

Lab Equipment


Lab Equipment | 21 Jun. 2017

LABVOLUTION on Carl Roth's path to happiness

Carl Roth has now been offering good advice and effective labware, life science and chemical products for 138 years, but the company was... more


Laboratory workflow optimization | 15 May. 2017

Cabinet of curiosities!

The Cabi2Net system from Düperthal is set to revolutionize centralized control for work processes. The Karlstein-based company is at... more


Lab Equipment | 15 May. 2017

Nize and easy!

Hamburg-based Eppendorf AG is at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover to celebrate the world première of VisioNize, with daily demos to show how the... more


LabUSER Exhibitors' Forum | 13 May. 2017

Cell-ebrity Big Brother!

Anyone who has ever worked on cell cultures, whether intensively or even in passing, knows how it feels to wonder what's going on behind... more


Startups | 13 May. 2017

Tying technologies together

Under the slogan "Know your stuff 4.0", innoME GmbH is teaming up with its cooperation partner essentim at the Young and Innovative... more


Lab Infrastructures | 12 May. 2017

The new "must-have" for forward-looking laboratory operators

Certain products keep on popping up and pushing all the right buttons - you might call this the "iPhone effect". For automated liquid... more


Lab Equipment | 12 May. 2017

A helping hand from lab-friendly Glomax

Remember the cute and kindly robot called "Baymax", who helps a young boy make his way in the Disney film Big Hero 6? Perhaps Glomax, the... more


Lab Equipment | 11 May. 2017

Crystal-clear design, ultra-pure water and a sparkling premiere!

ELGA, the global laboratory water brand from Veolia Water Technologies, is unveiling the PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete for producing type 1... more


Lab Equipment | 11 May. 2017

Nobody does it better

BMG LABTECH GmbH hails the new PHERAstar FSX it is showcasing at LABVOLUTION 2017 as the most sensitive HTS microplate reader on the market.... more


Life Sciences | 10 May. 2017

Backside illumination lights the way forward!

Photometrics is promoting the Prime 95B Scientific CMOS at LABVOLUTION 2017 as the first ever camera with 95-percent quantum efficiency. The... more


Lab Equipment | 10 May. 2017

The pipetting robot to kick-start your automation drive?

At LABVOLUTION 2017, BRAND is demonstrating how its new Liquid Handling Station's price-performance ratio and simple operation provide a... more


LABVOLUTION News | 09 May. 2017

LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA: The world of lab technology

The European trade fair for innovative laboratory technology and workflows is geared to the needs of users of lab equipment in various... more


Lab Equipment | 09 May. 2017

Save time - and hands!

This is the striking slogan that Indian company Glassco is using to promote its innovative 500.AG glass ceramic hotplate with magnetic... more


Lab Equipment | 08 May. 2017

Good-looking, quick on the uptake and content with just a few microlit

Trinean is unveiling its DropSense spectrophotometer, sporting a new cutting-edge design and extra features, at LABVOLUTION 2017. The device... more


Reagents, Chemicals and Consumables | 04 May. 2017

Take a good look!

Greiner Bio-One is offering visitors a crystal clear insight into high-resolution microscopy at LABVOLUTION 2017. Users have declared its... more


Lab Equipment | 03 May. 2017

Fireflies as bright as stars?

Berthold Technologies is looking to set new standards in luminescence detection with the next-generation Sirius II tube luminometer it is... more


Lab Equipment | 01 May. 2017

Hands-free workflows!

The new IVARO BioBank is designed to slash the time spent on laborious processes previously conducted by hand. Fledgling company ASSAYMATIC... more


Analysis & Quality Management | 28 Apr. 2017

Unlimited sublimation - what would Freud say?

BÜCHI Labortechnik is at LABVOLUTION 2017 with the innovative Lyovapor modular platform for freeze-drying. The new Lyovapor L-300 model is... more


Lab Equipment | 24 Apr. 2017

Follow orders - and stand to attention!

Mettler-Toledo is showcasing SmartStand, the world's first intelligent pipette stand, at LABVOLUTION 2017. It is designed to help... more


Analysis & Quality Management | 21 Apr. 2017

Swiss high-speed solution

Swiss startup rqmicro AG is unveiling CellStream, an instrument for ultra-fast cell separation to process legionella samples, at LABVOLUTION... more