LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May



Specialist Services | 17 May. 2017

Unleash the genius inside!

Hamburg-based startup Geniu wants to help its customers achieve this ambitious undertaking with specially adapted benchmarking for... more


Startups | 13 May. 2017

Tying technologies together

Under the slogan "Know your stuff 4.0", innoME GmbH is teaming up with its cooperation partner essentim at the Young and Innovative... more


Startups | 12 May. 2017

EchoLUTION is DNA isolation at its best!

Startup BioEcho Life Sciences, which was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced molecular biologists, aims to revolutionize the isolation... more


Startups | 09 May. 2017

Green is the new red

StainIN Green from start-up HiQu is set to replace the infamous and potentially mutagenic red dye ethidium bromide - which should see... more

Assaymatic IVARO BioBank

Lab Equipment | 01 May. 2017

Hands-free workflows!

The new IVARO BioBank is designed to slash the time spent on laborious processes previously conducted by hand. Fledgling company ASSAYMATIC... more

HOT SmartSens

Measurement and control systems | 26 Apr. 2017

Pocket laboratory and telephone "to go"

Scientists from the Hannover Center for Optical Technologies (HOT) and the Institute for Technical Chemistry (TCI) at the Leibniz University... more

rqmicro CellStream

Analysis & Quality Management | 21 Apr. 2017

Swiss high-speed solution

Swiss startup rqmicro AG is unveiling CellStream, an instrument for ultra-fast cell separation to process legionella samples, at LABVOLUTION... more


Research Institutes, Universities & Technical Colleges | 11 Apr. 2017

From the research lab to the marketplace:

The Berlin Technical University's showcase at LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA more