LABVOLUTION 2017, 16 - 18 May

LABVOLUTION 2017, 16 - 18 May

How will the smart laboratory of tomorrow work?

This is a question to which the smartLAB display at LABVOLUTION offers a host of answers. Some are visionary, and others can already be put into practice today. One highlight of the three-day exhibition are the three live smartLAB use cases in the fields of biotechnology, environmental engineering and food engineering. In its second edition, this special display on the laboratory of the future portrays the benefits achievable by means of flexible digital networking, automation and robotics, integrated functional surfaces, and modular lab design.

The lab of tomorrow provides visitors with an insight into the trends and developments that will play a role in day-to-day research and development work in the years ahead:

  • Innovative lab technology, including related smart applications and solutions
  • Intelligent planning and design of lab installations and equipment
  • Simplification of lab procedures and documentation
  • Optimization of quality and efficiency
  • Improved process reliability
  • Overview of the entire value chain in the lab



The intelligent lab of the future.

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