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The ability to measure success is an important factor that applies in various ways to PreSens.

PreSens: Measuring Success at LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA

"LABVOLUTION is the perfect platform for us"

Dr. Gernot T. John, Director Marketing and Innovation at PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH.

The company from Regensburg is looking forward to appearing for the second time at the leading international trade show for lab technology following the successful LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA premiere in 2015.

The ability to measure success is an important factor that applies in various ways to PreSens. As the leading international provider of chemical optical oxygen, pH, and CO2 sensors, PreSens develops and manufactures non-invasive measurement systems. The company's analytical gaze focuses on its trade show participations as well. "LABVOLUTION allowed us to dramatically increase our trade show leads," explains John. "This show is the only one of its kind in Europe that provides us with an opportunity to present our products to a reasonably large audience from the biotech and pharmaceutical industries with no waste coverage."

Address all target audiences


PreSens provides a broad spectrum of sensor systems for end consumers. The company develops and manufactures its own optoelectronic OEM sensor components which are used by researchers and industrial users from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the food and beverage industry, biological and environmental research, and life sciences and medical technology. With its focus on science, research and industry, these are LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA's target groups. From the chemicals, food and environmental technology industries to the life sciences, professional visitors to Hannover can discover the latest products and solutions in laboratory technology, automation and infrastructure as well as analytics and specialist services. And thanks to BIOTECHNICA , the fair is very strong on research.

Irrespective of the technical orientation, PreSens focuses on the same thing that other successful companies focus on. "We need to stay on the ball, constantly challenge ourselves and continue to improve," says John. Appearing at trade shows is an important part of this. "At fairs like LABVOLUTION we generate leads, cultivate our contacts, and maintain our image as a high-quality supplier."

smartLAB leads the way to the digital future

smartLAB: The future takes shape here

Among other things, PreSens' image clearly benefited by taking part in the special display " smartLAB – the intelligent lab of the future " in 2015. LABVOLUTION not only presented a popular highlight with this digital prototype lab but also positioned itself as a driver in the digital transformation of laboratories. PreSens' participation consisted of integrating a non-invasive measurement device for oxygen, pH and biomass monitoring. Integrated into a central controlling system for several devices, the measurements can be combined with other analytical data. "Our non-contact measurements fit perfectly into the flexible design since the entire electronic measurement system can be housed in the laboratory bench. Samples are simply held above it," explains John. PreSens will be participating in smartLAB again in 2017.

PreSens hasn't yet decided on the exact details of its central display at LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA from May 16 to 18, 2017. However, John can already assure visitors that "it will be exciting."

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PreSens Precision Sensing at LABVOLUTION

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