LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May
Exhibitor Service

Clear Goals

Demonstrations, encounters, and tests are things newsletters and brochures can’t do. According to Systec GmbH that means exhibiting at trade shows.

And if the right professional audience is on-site – like at LABVOLUTION with the Life Sciences Event BIOTECHNICA – this leading manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves (steam-sterilizers) can take advantage of three intense days of business.

"Trade shows are a complex, cost-intensive, but highly efficient marketing tool. And for that reason they are very important to us,"

says Jörg Winkelmann, General Manager, Systec GmbH.

The company's goals are clear. At LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA from May 16 to 18, 2017, Systec GmbH is focusing on gaining new customers, generating new business, presenting new and existing products, observing the market, and promoting customer relationships.
In order to achieve these goals, Systec GmbH has a clearly defined trade show strategy that encompasses all communication channels and parameters, including stand design, brochures, stand personnel, displays, PR, online advertising, newsletters, and ads. This worked well during the launch of the international trade show for the whole world of labs last year in Hannover. "LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA was well attended," says Winkelmann. "We gained several new customers and were able to welcome retailers to our stand. All in all, a large audience from the laboratory field was there."

Professionally qualified trade visitors from user industries

Systec autoclaves

This is important to the company from Linden, with its production facility in Osnabrück. Systec autoclaves are used primarily in labs. Its clientele includes universities, institutes, national and regional research centers, large research institutions, the pharmaceutical and food industries, testing agencies and private labs, and research facilities and companies in the biotechnology, gene technology and diagnostics fields.
Systec autoclaves have proven their value a thousandfold in these facilities and companies. LABVOLUTION with BIOTECHNICA covers this target group by reflecting the entire laboratory range, and addressing users from all industrial sectors as well as from scientific and research areas.

Innovative products thanks to experience and communication

"At LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA we can present our products on-site to our target audience from all over Europe and provide proof of our ability to innovate,” says Winkelmann. In addition to laboratory autoclaves, these include media preparators and dispensing devices for liquid media and microbiological nutrient media. Systec GmbH has been developing, producing, and selling them globally since 1994.

Experience is an important factor at Systec GmbH, enabling the company to make autoclaves and the steam sterilization process in the lab even safer, simpler, more exact, reproducible, and increase its ability to be validated. But it is just as important to communicate and exchange expertise with customers regarding their practical experience. "Our mission is to keep developing and innovating," says Winkelmann. Keeping an eye on the market and networking with potential new customers at a trade show such as LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA make important contributions to this.

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