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Dunn Labortechnik GmbH

Thelenberg 6
53567 Asbach
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Ms. Hannelore Dunn
Managing Director
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Mobile: +49 171 3610260
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Mr. Dr. Kevin Denkmann
Product Manager
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Ms. Dr. Eva-Maria Küch
Product Manager
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Mr. Dr. Andreas Bichet
Product Manager
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Ms. Dr. Hildegard Ersfeld-Dressen
Product Manager
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11-50 (Status: 2017)

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Dunn Labortechnik - with its 35th anniversary in 2017 - stands for competent support, reliable and flexible service, high-quality products and fast delivery.

The portfolio for Cell Culture and Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Life Sciences includes:

Liquid Handling Systems for HTS, Protein Crystallography, Drug Research and Genomic Solutions; Cellular Biomechanical Systems for 2D/3D Cell Cultures - Effect of Tension, Compression, and Shear Stress, Tissue Engineering; Bioreactors, Fermenters and Cell Culture Systems; Safety Cabinets, Anaerobic and Hypoxia Workstations; Roller Apparatus, Incubators, General Laboratory Equipment and Pipettes.

Disposables and Glassware for Cell Culture, the Chemistry Lab and Chromatography Applications; a wide range of Standard and Special Plates.

Antibodies, Antigens, Proteins and ELISA Kits; Substrates and Reagents for ELISA, IHC, Blots and Microarrays; Plasma, Sera and Complement. DNA/RNA Stabilizers for Storage and Transport at room temperatures.

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Recombinant Proteins, Antibodies, ELISA

Advanced Biomart products have been added to the product range of Dunn Labortechnik. The biotechnology company is specializing in providing high quality recombinant proteins. The most common used expression systems are Human Cells, E. coli and Baculovirus-Insect Cells. Besides the large number of Human, more

Cobra Nano-dispenser

The Cobra line of non-contact nano-dispensers is available with 1 or 4 channels and for dispense volumes ranging from 300 nl to 5 ml and a very low dead volume. It allows fast non-contact dispensing, which quickly fills all kinds of microplates including semi-skirted and skirted PCR plates. The Cobra more


CrysCam UV

The CrysCam UV scans 96-well plates automatically und captures a visual or a UV image (334 nm and 365 nm) of all wells and sub-wells. The visual and the UV picture can be shown at the same time and be compared parallel for every individual well. The CrysCam UV is ideal for protein crystallography, because more


The Gryphon is a compact modular dispenser. Due to the use of flexible and long-lasting Nitinol-needles, the Gryphon is an environmentally friendly liquid handling system without follow-on cost for disposables. The Gryphon accomplishes fast, efficient liquid handling by moving air-tight seals inside more


The well-known dispensing device Phoenix from Art Robbins Instruments - available through Dunn Labortechnik - is obtainable in two configurations. The classic Crystal Phoenix is mostly used in protein crystallography, but is also suitable for many other applications, such as for genomics. The system more

Scorpion Screen Builder

The Scorpion is a single-channel high-speed dispenser and an extremely versatile work station, which can be used to perform anything that can be done with hand-held pipettors but with the speed, reliability and precision of an automated dispenser. Due to the high displacement speed of 2 meters/second, more

BACTRON: Anaerobic Applikations

ShelLab Anaerobic Chambers Bactronread more

Roller Apparatus

With 2 to 86 bottle positions Dunn Labortechnik offers the right roller apparatus for your specific application from Bellco Glass and Chemglass Life Sciences. For research there are models available with only 2 bottles fitting on every lab bench. Up-scaling with roller bottles is no problem at all: for more

Large capacity Incubators

The large capacity incubators from ShelLab/Sheldon, represented by Dunn Labortechnik, provide high chamber capacities but require only small space. The microprocessor-controlled units have a precise temperature control for superior uniformity. The wide choice of models available include: Air jacketed more

Spinner flask and Magnetic stirrer

With spinner flasks and suitable multi-position magnetic stirrers from Bellco, Dunn Labortechnik presents the perfect match for your needs in cell culture. Small cultures will be stirred by our Little One with only 25 ml capacity and if you want it a bit bigger, with up to 36 liter capacity we always more

Pipette Plugger

Dunn Labortechnik presents the pipette plugger from Bellco Glass. Plugged serological glass pipettes for your cell culture application are an economic and ecologically sensitive solution vs. disposable plastic pipettes. The machine can plug 40, 50 or even 60 pipettes per minute. It has different operating more

Asbestos Workstations

The cabinets provide operator protection from asbestos fibres and particles with the built-in pre-filter (removes particles and fibres > 5 µm) and HEPA filter (removes particles and fibres > 0.3 µm). The transparent acrylic walls (8 mm) are chemical resistant, UV stable and non-inflammable. Specially more

Single- and Multi-channel pipettes

Dunn Labortechnik offers Capp multi-channel pipettes in different sizes for high-throughput in PCR-methods or microarrays and to ease your general workflow in the laboratory. CappAero 8- and 12-channel pipettes are ideal to fill and transfer liquids into 96-well plates and are available for volumes more

High-density cell culture bioreactor

BelloCell is a disposable bioreactor from Cesco Bioengineering capable of high density cell culture for protein expression, virus and monoclonal antibody production and is available in Germany from Dunn Labortechnik. BelloCells design is based on the concept of bellow-induced flow alternation of media more

Evaporator Adapter and Chemistry Glass

Evaporator Adapter and Chemistry Glassread more

eXTReme Sealing Foils

For PCR plates, long-term compound storage and light sensitive assays Excel Scientific is now offering - through Dunn Labortechnik - sealing foils, which are stable under extreme conditions: eXTReme Sealing Foils. The foils have an universal fit for use with all plates, and chamfered corners result in more

Safety cabinets from FASTER

The company FASTER has been producing since over 30 years a variety of high quality safety cabinets for the protection of the operator, products and environment, and offered by Dunn Labortechnik in a number of countries. FASTERs portfolio includes Microbiological Safety Cabinets (SafeFAST Premium, Elite, more

ChemFAST Fume Cupboards from FASTER

Equipped with the latest molecular filtration technology, the ChemFAST Top and ChemFAST Elite fume cupboards provide a safe working environment with fume containment and protection against chemicals, vapours and aerosols. A wide range of filters is available for specific applications such as the use more

DNA and RNA stabilizers

GenTegra, distributed by Dunn Labortechnik, has completed the GenSolve Kit range for extracting high quality, high yield double-stranded DNA preserved in GenPlates, FTA paper, GenSaver-, Guthrie cards and all filter papers with the GenSolve DNA Complete Kit. This kit includes additional components for more

PCR Cabinet from Grant Instruments

The compact, energy efficient and low noise PCR cabinets from Grant Instruments offer ideal conditions for handling DNA and RNA samples. All models are equipped with a patented high intensity UV air cleaner recirculator preventing contamination. The cabinets have a separate timer controlled UV lamp to more

Whole Blood, Plasma and Sera

Innovative Research, known for its high quality, offers through its distributor Dunn Labortechnik a wide range of biomedical products such as animal and human plasma and sera (single donor or pooled). Animal species available are for example: bovine, pig, dog, sheep, chicken, rabbit, guinea pig, mouse more

Multispot Microscope Slides

Multispot Microscope Slidesread more

Lab Armor, Water- and Ice Replacement

These dry metallic beads replace water in water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths, ice in ice buckets, and give your old equipment as well as your experiment a cool, state-of-the-art look. As water/ice replacement, they will maintain temperatures of -20 °C to 8 °C for more than 4 hours. Besides being more

Plant Growth Chambers

Medline 2017 Englishread more

Substrates, Conjugates and Reagents

New from Moss are the chemiluminescence substrates for HRP and AP. These highly sensitive substrates can be used for both ELISA and Westerblot, i.e. one substrate for 2 applications. ChemiAP is a single component reagent, in case of ChemiHRP two components have to be mixed. For both chemiluminescent more


Water Bath with Stirring Feature

The new water bath with stirring feature from N-Biotek offers the possibility to mix liquids such as cell media or buffer solutions at a constant temperature with a stirring speed of 60 to 1000 rpm. Standard hotplates with magnetic stirrers heat liquids in vessels only from below. This can cause - despite more

Ultravap Mistral and Ultravap Levante

The automatic Ultravap Mistral and Levante evaporators from Porvair Science are operated with nitrogen or compressed air. The Mistral is especially developed for the use with liquid handling systems, whereas the Levante is useful for LC-Mass spectrometry applications. The re-designed devices are equipped more

MicroLute System

Dunn Labortechnik offers with the MicroLute from Porvair Science a complete 96-well sample preparation system. The system includes a filter plate of your choice, a vacuum manifold, a deep well block or other collection plate and, optionally, a MicroLute P3 plate. There are two vacuum manifolds available: more

Krystal Plates

The brand Krystal from Porvair Sciences embraces micro assay plates with clear, glass, COP (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer) and quartz bottom. Plates with clear bottom allow the observation of cell cultures with an inverse microscope or can be used for light emitting experiments, to measure through the bottom more

Azlon (food certificated products)

The well-known brand Azlon of SciLabware offers a great variety of plastic laboratory products. Part of the product portfolio are bottles, beakers and measuring cylinders as well as the market leading multi-lingual wash bottle imprinted in different languages and manufactured from high quality LDPE, more

Quickfit Glass products

The brand Quickfit from SciLabware offers a great variety of glassware especially for the application in the chemistry lab. Besides adaptors, condensers, reaction vessels and extractors also conical flasks and filtration units are members of the product family of the brand Quickfit. The Quickfit range more

Transport containers from Sterilin

Dunn Labortechnik offers the 95kPa validated containers from Sterilin, which include not only 30 ml polystyrene universals with PP screw caps (128A, 128B and 128C) but also 60 ml polystyrene containers with metal caps (125AM, 125BM and 125CM). All containers have flow-seal technology and are consistent more

Plastic- and glass consumables

Dunn Labortechnik offers a wide selection of plasticware and glass consumables for research, the microbiology and standard laboratory, as well as for clinical and industrial applications from the brands Sterilin and SciLabware, and, since recently, from Samco and Capitol Vial. Available for instance, more

Belly Dancer from IBI Scientific

The shaker Belly Dancer from IBI Scientific is ideal for gel and blot applications and is distributed by Dunn Labortechnik in Germany and other European countries. Its unique three dimensional motion guarantees accurate mixing action with the possibility to safely stack blotting trays. With a speed of more

Flow Cell for Biofilm Studies

Stovall Flow Cell 2017 Englishread more

IBI Laboratory Products

IBI Scientific, represented in Germany and other European countries by Dunn Labortechnik, offers a wide range of products for the analysis and isolation of nucleic acids and proteins (agarose, extraction and purification of DNA, RNA and proteins, reagents for PCR and SDS-PAGE, systems for blotting and more

Tissue Chopper

Tissue Chopperread more

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