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G.Kisker-Products for Biotechnology - a Supplier of High Quality Laboratory Products - was founded in 1990. Our goal is, to supply scientists working in the area of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology or related disciplines with high quality intrumentation and accessories at reasonable prices. Many products e.g. for the fast growing market PCR have been introduced by us and continously improved while passing lower costs to the scientists.

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Filter Tip

Filtertips to avoid cross-contamination in PCR. Volume size from 0,1-1000µl, supplied as sterile racks or in bags. All are DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen free. The beveled form ensures high precision. Discounted bulk prices are more

Pipet Tip

We offer a complete line of pipet tips for various applications. Special tips like siliconized, beveled tips and robotic tips for Beckman Biomek & Zymark are all certified DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen more

Gel Loading Tips & Pipettors

Our gel loading tips are specialy suited for loading gels or recovery of samples. Tips with orifices from 0,54mm down to 0,17mm are available. Using flat tips with 0,17mm, loading of sequencing gels is easy and more

PCR Tubes and Plates

0,2ml & 0,5ml ultrathin PCR tubes and 8-strip tubes are manufactured from high polished moldes and ultra pure polypropylen. The longer cap design ensures leak free PCR, avoiding evaporation. PCR plates are available as 24, 32, 48, 98, 384 PCR plates, all PCR products are certified DNase-, RNase-and pyrogen more

Micro- and Centrifuge Tubes

Have a look to the highest quality of siliconized tubes, microcentrifuge tubes and screw cap tubes. They are certified DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen and metall free. Siliconized tubes ensure, that full amounts of enzymes or proteins are captured. Colored tubes are made of metall free more

Rack Systems

We offer a complete line of racks for different applications. Most popular is our low priced autoclavable combi rack, which accept on 4 sides different tubes from 0,5 to 50ml. For pre & post PCR sample processing we offer the PCR Workstation, including a 96 well satelite rack for 0,2ml PCR more


All your needs for cryo preserversation you find here: polypropylene cryoboxes or cardboxes in different colors and sizes to accept tubes from 0,2ml to 50ml, stickers "hot-cold" stable in liquid nitrogen and under autoclaving conditions. We also manufacture cardboxes for your special more


Kisker X-ray cassetts are featuring extremly low radiation absorption and are manufactured for long shelflife. They can be used up to -70°C for exposure. For exposure we offer a complete line of high sensitive intensifying screens at reasonable prices. Film hangers, development tanks and further supplies more

DNA-Workstation & Hybridisation

With several variants of DNA-Workstations we offer the possibilty to set up a contamination free work place for pre and post sample processing. The work places are small and easy to clean. Hybridisation is taking place under absolut controlled conditions in the Hybridisation ofen. The capacity of 3, more


Electrophoresis is a standard method in molecularbiology laboratories. We offer a large quantity of different types of power supplies, submarine and slabgel electrophoresis for DNA and protein separation as well as electroblotters, gel dryers and gel more

Dry block heat bath

Many sample need to be heated or cooled under controled conditions. We offer several types, from a low budget 53 places dryblock heat bath up to a dry block heat & cool bath, which allows to cool samples up to -4°C and to heat up to 95°C. All of them need small space only to fit in all types of more

Mini- and Tabel Centrifuges

Where space ist almost limited our micro centrifuge is the best solution, to concentrate small samples at The unit has only 12 cm Ø at 800g weight. Our new combi centrifuge allows centrifuging and vortexing in one instrument. Mini centrifuges with up to 14.000 are also an ideal instrument more

Rotator & Vortex Mixer

For small university budgets we offer a line of different rotators for mixing, dialysis etc of samples. The rotators are available economical priced with 10r.p.m fixed speed or more convenient with variable speed. A variety of discs allows mixing of tubes from 4 - 40 mm Ø.read more

Nylon Wool, PAP Pen and Histology

Mononuclear leucocyte concentrates from freshly drawn blood can be separated easy into B-cells & T-cells using Nylon Wool Fiber. The Nylon Wool is combed, washed and ready to use. The PAP PEN provides a water repellant barrier, when circling around a specimen. Quantity of antibodies is reduced through more

PCR & DNA Measurement

LabelGuard© Mikroliter Messzelle, die Innovation für die DNA Analytik, nur 3-5 µl Probenvolumen, kompatibel mit den meisten Qualitätsspektrophotometern, Rückgewinnung der Probe zur Weiterverarbeitung möglich, hohe Reproduzierbarkeit, keine Probenverdünnung notwendig, schnell zu reinigen, keine Kreuzkontaminationenread more


We offer a wide range of microparticles and many types of special beads for various applications. The microparticles are made from different materials, polystyrene, silica, melamine, glass, magnetit, available in sizes from 100nm up to 1000µ. Many of them can be supplied fluorescent or dyed. We offer more

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