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medorex e.K.

Industriestr. 2
Tor 1
37176 Nörten-Hardenberg
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Mr. Dipl. Biol. Claus Zenneck
Technical manager
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Ms. Dr. Shahrbanou Mohazzeb
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Type of company

Year founded

No. of employees
1-10 (Status: 2013)

Annual turnover
less than 1 million EUR (Status: 2013)

Company profile

The company "medorex" is a small innovative company and founded in 2004 near by Goettingen. We are the team of the company "medorex" and our topmost aim is the development of simplified and user-friendly instruments.

We are an Expert team in production, development, construction and Optimization of bioreactors of Duran glass, PH, oxygen and temperature probes with very small diameters for the use in the cell cultivation. Our company "medorex" produces and constructs fully automatic stirring fermentors - fixed-bed bioreactors - airlift fermentors - fluidized bed and cell culture reactors with easy handling for very good and exact cell-cultivation-results.

medorex is manufacturer of measurement and control technology, sensors and fittings for small and big bioreactors. We produce a small high-pressure media-autoclave "medoClav" with 7 liters capacity and integrated stirring system for the use in media preparation and cell cultivation in all laboratories of the biotechnology, medicine e

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medorex bioreactors

bioreactors / fermentors for cell cultivationread more

Fluid-bed bioreactor

Fluid bed fermenter for the production of monoclonal antibodiesread more

Fixed-bed bioreactors / Fermenter

Fixed bed fermenters for the cultivation of human and adherent cellsread more

Multiple fixed bed bioreactor

A multiple fixed-bed fermenter for research and scientific worksread more

Stirring bioreactors

Stirring bioreactors / Cultivation of robust cells & microorganismsread more

medorex Autoclave "medoClav"

"MedoClav" is a small media autoclave with 7 liter working volumes, an integrated stirring-system for the sterilization of different media under the pressure of 1 up to 3 bars. medoClav has adjustable temperatures up to 143°C, integrated media sensor and a hold temperature of 60°C for the direct and more

medorex probes

Probes for the tests and scientific work in the laboratoriesread more

Tube pumps / Peristaltic pumps

Lanoratory peristaltic tube pumps for medical technic & biotechnologyread more

medorex temperature probes

Probes with 6 and 12 mm diameter for fermenters and bioreactorsread more

medorex Oxigen probes

Practical probes for use in laboratoriesread more

medorex pH probes

Practical pH probes for use in laboratoriesread more

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