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New England Biolabs GmbH

Brüningstr. 50
65929 Frankfurt
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Founded in the mid-1970s, New England Biolabs is a world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.
NEB is renowned for consistently providing exceptional product quality and technical support. NEB has been shaping the landscape of bioscience research by discovering, developing and supporting superior and innovative research reagents and is continuously expanding its product offerings into new areas including Next-Gen-Seq, Epigenetics and Cellular Imaging.

NEB is also the exclusive source for reagents from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) in Germany and Austria. Founded by scientists from NEB, CST has become the world leader in the production of the highest quality antibodies utilized to expand knowledge of cell signaling pathways. CST's mission is to deliver the world's highest quality research, diagnostic, and therapeutic products that accelerate biological understanding and enable personalized medicine.

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Restriction Enzymes

The world largest selection of recombinant restriction enzymes: - NEB CutSmart: 200+ enzymes, one Buffer, 100% activity - High Fidelity (HF) enzymes, engineered for performance - Time-Saver qualified enzymes -- RE-Mix - Nicking Endonucleasesread more

DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning Technologies

Optimize your cloning experiments with NEB's rigorously validated DNA modifying enzymesread more


PCR, Polymerases & Amplification

New England Biolabs (NEB) offers a wide range of DNA polymerases, and through our commitment to research, ensures the development of innovative, high quality tools for DNA amplification and PCR. We offer a broad variety of DNA and RNA polymerases, nucleotide mixes, kits, master mixes and more

Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

NEBNext® reagents are a series of highly pure reagents that facilitate sample preparation of DNA or RNA for downstream applications such as next generation sequencing and expression library construction. Available in sets, master mix sets and modules, these robust reagents undergo stringent quality controls more

RNA Reagents

RNA molecules play a multitude of cellular roles in all kingdoms of life. RNA is an essential carrier of genetic information that can catalyze chemical reactions and influence gene expression. In the last several years, our understanding of RNAs as regulatory molecules in the cell has dramatically changed. more

Markers & Ladders

NEB's selection of DNA, RNA and protein markers and ladders combines high quality with exceptional value. DNA, RNA and protein markers are available in a range of sizes and in convenient unstained or prestained more

Protein Expression & Purification Technologies

New England Biolabs is committed to providing advanced tools for protein expression and purification. As a leading supplier for reagents in the biotechnology field, NEB understands the importance of convenient and easy-to-use systems for high level expression and purification of proteins. We invite you more

Competent Cells

NEB provides competent E.coli and yeast cells for your transformation and protein expression more

Cellular Analysis - (Live) cell imaging

SNAP- and CLIP-tag protein labeling systems enable the specific, covalent attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest. New England Biolabs offers this innovative technology for studying the function and localization of proteins in living and fixed cells. Covalent protein labeling offers more


New England Biolabs (NEB) offers a selection of endoglycosidases, exoglycosidases, and heparinases for glycobiology research. Many of these reagents are recombinant, and all undergo several quality control assays, enabling us to provide products with lower unit cost, high purity and reduced lot-to-lot more


Analyze modifications to DNA and its associated proteins, histones and chromatin using New England Biolab's exceptional Epimark® reagents, enzymes, antibodies and DNA controls for Epigenetics more

Cell Signaling Technology Antibodies

New England Biolabs offers exclusively for Germany and Austria the product line "Cell Signaling Technology (CST) Antibodies": CST antibodies are validated using a combination of several approaches and applications, to provide you with the highest quality and most thoroughly tested antibodies on the market. more

PathScan® Sandwich ELISA Antibody

The scientists at Cell Signaling Technology® develop the highest quality research tools that are robust, sensitive and specific. Our line of ELISA products provides researchers with a wide selection of assays measuring important cellular signaling molecules. In-house development, production and validation more

PTMScan® Proteomics Services & Kits

PTMScan® Proteomics Services from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) employ proprietary methodologies for antibody-based peptide enrichment combined with tandem mass spectrometry for quantitative profiling of post-translational modifications (PTMs), including phosphorylation, ubiquitination, and more

XP® Monoclonal Antibodies

XP® monoclonal antibodies are a line of high quality rabbit monoclonal antibodies exclusively available from Cell Signaling Technology (CST). Any product labeled with XP has been carefully selected based on superior performance in the most relevant research applications. XP® monoclonal antibodies are more

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