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SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH

Carl-Benz-Str. 7
69115 Heidelberg
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For almost 60 years SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH offers products of prime quality like albumins, antibiotics, buffers, collagenases, dyes, enzymes and enzyme inhibitors, ion exchange media, proteins, surfactants and more. In a leading position in electrophoresis, SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH recently released new products for the proteome research community, e. g. SERVAGelTM PRiMETM precast vertical gels, SERVA IPG BlueStrips, reagents and equipment for large format 2D gel electrophoresis (High Performance Electrophoresis - HPE) as well as the SERVA ICPLTM-Quadruplex-Kit for quantification of proteins by mass spectrometry. In tissue engineering SERVA offers Collagenase NB for the isolation of different cell types. Where medical applications require a particular quality SERVA offers Collagenase NB manufactured according to GMP guidelines (e.g. Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade). SERVA is a mid-sized, European-based company supplying high quality life sciences reagents to its customers, worldwide.

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SERVA Lightning Red for 1D SDS PAGE

SERVA Lightning Red is a fluorescent dye for rapid labelling of proteins prior to SDS PAGE, making any staining and washing steps after electrophoresis unnecessary. In addition the dye is fully compatible with mass spectrometry and other downstream methods e. g. Western Blotting. SERVA Lightning Red more


The SERVAGel TG PRiME minigels are precast gels in cassettes for the vertical electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids. The gels are modified Laemmli gels - the standard gel system used for decades and well established in every lab performing protein gel electrophoresis. The drawback of classical more

SERVA BlueShake 3D

The SERVA BlueShake 3D works with a rotational 3D motion and is flexible applicable in various incubation and preparation techniques (e. g. staining/destaining procedures). Due to the large incubation platform of 350 x 350 mm and the smooth 3D motion (including start and stop) even large sized gels more

SERVA BlueCell Aspiration Systems

The SERVA BlueCell aspiration system is a cell culture aspiration device with autoclavable 4 l bottle. The housing is made of easy-care, wear-resistant and specially hard anodised aluminium with a powerful integrated membrane vacuum pump, vacuum controller and mounted safety bottle holder as a compact more

SERVA BlueThermo H/HC

The SERVA BlueThermo H and HC shaker are precise heating (H) and heating & cooling (HC) thermoshakers. The instruments deliver highest temperature accuracy due to a 10-point-calibration (+/- 0.1°C), fastest temperatur control and even temperature distribution. The stable construction as well as the more

BlueSpin Cryo Benchtop Centrifuge

BlueSpin Cryo Microcentrifuge - refrigerated centrifuge with samll footprint! The BlueSpin Cryo is a refrigerated compact benchtop microcentrifuge for all kinds of molecular and cell biology experiments such as ethanol precipitation, phenol extraction, nucleic acid preparation, cell-down and spin-down more

BlueSpin Mini Benchtop Centrifuge

BlueSpin Mini Microcentrifuge - now you can spin! The BlueSpin Mini is a small benchtop microcentrifuge for all kinds of sample preparations and molecular biology experiments such as spin-down of pro- and eucaryotic cells, phenol extraction etc. The BlueSpin Mini is a compact and quiet instrument. more

HPE BlueHorizon

HPE BlueHorizon - optimized performance in cooled flatbed gel electrophoresis The HPE BlueHorizon is a flatbed system for horizontal electrophoresis using precast gels, self-cast gels and gel strips. Main applications are isoelectric focusing (IEF) including the run of IPG strips (like SERVA IPG more

SERVA HPE Tower System

HPE Tower System - enabeling high performance electrophoresis The SERVA HPE Tower System is a multilevel flatbed electrophoresis device providing unmatched resolution, reproducibility and sensitivity - the first true »High Performance Electrophoresis (HPE)« system. Up to four polyacrylamide gels more

BlueVertical PRiME

BlueVertical PRiME - high quality mini gel tank system The new BlueVertical PRiME electrophoresis chamber is a perfect instrument for vertical mini gel electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids. When applied in combination with SERVAGel precast gels »Premium Resolution in Minigel Electrophoresis more

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