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Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive

Easy scale-up from lab to industrial bioreactors!

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Logo Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive
Logo Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive
Logo Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive
Logo Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive
Logo Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive

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Hall 20, Stand E27/1
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Product description

We manufacture, deliver and install patented novel magnetically coupled mixer drives.
This magnetically coupled drive is used in our manufactured bioreactors and can be acquired as a separate part for installation in any other manufacturers vessel.
The working principle of the novel magnetically coupled drive is based on rotating a pair of magnetic rotors (drive and driven magnets) inside and outside a hermetic cylindrical housing. A pair of two silicon carbide and zirconium oxide bushings are mounted on both sides of the outer rotor to provide long-term stable and clean rotation. The novel magnetically coupled mixer drive can be mounted on either the top or bottom of the bioreactor.
This magnetic drive is easy scalable. Throughout the years, we have successfully applied such magnetic mixers in laboratory bioreactors of 5 liters working volume and in industrial scale bioreactors to working volume of 20 000 liters. We are convinced that this is not the highest reachable process volume in which the magnetically coupled mixer can be successfully installed and operated. In traditional magnetically coupled drives, the mixer vibrations at high rotation rates make the scale-up process to high volumes difficult. Using our novel magnetic drive, this problem is set aside, because torque from the drive magnets is directly transferred to the driven magnets (impeller magnets). Due to this, the novel drive, additionally, consumes about 30 % less electrical power than a conventional mechanically coupled stirrer.
To install this magnetic drive in bioreactors of any other manufacturer, it will be necessary to weld a flange in either the top or bottom lid of the vessel, according to the corresponding sizes. The flange size depends on the diameter of the desired cylindrical housing.

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Novel magnetic coupled mixing drive

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