LABVOLUTION 2019, 21.-23. Mai


Düperthal Sicherheitstechnik

The future of the working world starts today!

DÜPERTHAL’s Cabi2Net system revolutionises central control of work processes. With up-to-date data and intelligent networking, it helps to organise the value chain efficiently. Information e.g. on fill levels or faults can be called up on the internet via a web interface, independent of terminal devices. The system is easily scalable and can be integrated into the general building automation.

With the use of Cabi2Net and the variety of possibilities to combine a wide range of sensors, all operating parameters relevant to you can be monitored constantly. Also, various systems for further processing of data and information can be controlled to guarantee stable and secure processes in your workplaces.

All relevant parameters can be recorded, collected and evaluated on Cabi2Net. This allows more flexible work processes and a more and more efficient organisation of the internal value chain. Your employees can use the released resources more effectively and actively for their scientific research.

With these new features. you can connect your safety storage cabinets to each other in the network for the first time. This allows you to easily route all relevant information on the operational status of DÜPERTHAL safety storage
cabinets e.g. with your smart phone, tablet or PC - worldwide.

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