LABVOLUTION 2021, 07 - 09 September
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smartLAB - Developing ideas for the future!

This project is incomparable: smartLAB was launched five years ago as a special display for the intelligent lab of the future. Industry and research joined forces to create a viable vision for the laboratory of tomorrow. From the start, smartLAB has been very popular, especially as the concept is continously developed further and the event is getting better all the time.

smart, smarter, smartLAB 2021.

LABVOLUTION in Hannover offers a unique holistic overview of the lab of the future, showcasing equipment from various manufacturers that are integrated into a laboratory communication network. smartLAB is now on the way to becoming a research project that shows the connected lab in reality. Maintaining a vision is what drives progress. It will not be absent at LABVOLUTION 2021, which will highlight the role of AI in improving lab processes.

Use Cases – examples of the flexible integration of devices, automation, IT, human-machine interaction and learning from big data – represent a key feature of smartLAB and illustrate what is possible in the lab of the future.

In 2021 even more exhibitors will have the opportunity to take part in the smartLAB presentation.

"It is clearly apparent that over the past few years the topics of digitization, automation and robotics have grabbed the attention of diverse companies. The smartLAB is one of the reasons why they are now getting ready to be fit for the future."

PD Dr. Sascha Beutel - Project director for smartLAB at the Institute for Engineering Chemicals at Leibniz University in Hannover

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