LABVOLUTION 2021, 04 - 06 May
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The environmental technology industry is constantly moving into new, fascinating areas of work as it seeks to take on new challenges to livability and accommodate new regulatory requirements. LABVOLUTION is a forum where experts from academic research, the chemicals industry, medicine, analytics, diagnostics, the pharmaceuticals industry and the environmental technology industry meet up to discuss what really matters and find new approaches.

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Reasons why you should attend

  • The entire laboratory landscape
    Together, the two shows present all aspects of laboratory technology, lab automation, lab infrastructure, analytics, biotechnology and life sciences.
  • Digitalization/Laboratory 4.0
    One of the big highlights here is the smartLAB , an innovative development project that lets you experience tomorrow’s smart laboratories today.
  • Huge diversity
    The exhibitors include manufacturers of laboratory equipment, developers of processes and techniques, distributors, lab equipment suppliers, lab designers and planners, universities, research institutes and scientific organizations.

  • Strong focus on research
    Universities and research institutes present the latest research findings and trends in biotechnology.
  • Catalyst function
    It’s the showcase where industry meets up with science and research to spark new ideas and applications.
  • Careers & recruitment
    The place where young career-starters and professionals go to make exciting career contacts and meet prospective employers.

"There is not a single manufacturer or service provider out there that offers fully digitized laboratory infrastructure. And that is what is unique about the smartLAB showcase. As a partnership between industrial companies and the research community, it presents a vision of what a digitized laboratory might look like 10 or 20 years from now. A vision in physical, interactive form."

PD Sascha Beutel, smartLAB project coordinator at the Institute of Technical Chemistry, Leibniz University Hannover

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