LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May
Industry sectors


Medical technology is a highly innovative industry, one that is characterized by continuous product improvements. More than 50% of all new product ideas come from users.


The most innovative research areas consist of cardiology, orthopedics, oncology and diagnostics. It is already clear that future developments will be characterized by miniaturization, the increased use of IT technologies and the development of new biomaterials.

LABVOLUTION offers high-end analytics for innovations pioneers as well as for new developments in the area of routine analytics and quality assurance – of special interest to medical technology and other specialists. Current developments in laboratory technology are creating the prerequisites for sustainability.

Ready for the future

Last but not least, attending professionals will also be treated to a window on the future. With smartLAB – the intelligent and networked laboratory of the future – and the lead theme of " The Integrated Lab ", LABVOLUTION offers a hands-on vision that is highly relevant to the medical technology industry.