LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May


The pharmaceutical industry is particularly research-intensive and as a result, serves as a strong driver of innovations. The things that move the industry include such topics as personalized medicine, biosimilars, the blockchain, orphan drugs, the digital customer journey, AI for drug optimization and patient centeredness.


At LABVOLUTION, experts from the pharmaceutical industry have the ideal prerequisites for networking. This is where experts from academic research, chemistry, medicine, analytics and diagnostics as well as from the pharmaceutical industry meet to gain new ideas and inspiration.

The fair offers high-end analytics for pioneering innovators as well as the latest advances in routine analytics and quality assurance. A key focus at LABVOLUTION consists of digitization. With artificial intelligence (AI), the second wave is making its way into industry, applications and research.

Ready for the future

Last but not least, attending professionals will also be treated to a window on the future. With smartLAB – the intelligent and networked laboratory of the future – and the lead theme of " The Integrated Lab ", LABVOLUTION offers a hands-on vision that is also of relevance to the pharmaceuticals industry.