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A good atmosphere right from the get-go

When conducting cell-based assays on a microplate reader, the right atmosphere is key to avoiding cellular stress response. The good news is that the latest Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for regulating gas levels from BMG LABTECH is now also available for the company's entry-level product range.

25 Apr. 2018
BMG LABTECH Omega-series-with-ACU

Cell-based assays are becoming increasingly important in the life sciences. Lab researchers at all levels, both in industry and academia, are recording cellular values in real time. But given that experiments with living cells call for constant physiological conditions, precise gas control is essential. That's why BMG LABTECH has designed its latest ACU for regulating gas levels, which is now also available for entry-level products from its Omega series.

BMG LABTECH is launching this innovative solution to equip all its life science readers with the ideal functions for conducting cell-based assays. The multi-mode plate readers FLUOstar® Omega and POLARstar® Omega from the Omega range are the perfect choice for taking simultaneous readings of fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence. Their detection procedures, for instance, are ideal for tracking reporter gene expression, cell growth and cell proliferation all at the same time. What’s more, the state-of-the-art ACU is also compatible with the single-mode Omega readers, LUMIstar® and SPECTROstar®. BMG LABTECH thus aims to provide the right microplate reader with gas control to cover all requirements and cell-based applications, whether for single-mode or multi-mode readings.

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