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A whole different kind of cool

Modern laboratory requirements mean ultra-low temperature freezers have to do more than just provide reliable cooling. Demand is growing for practical, user-friendly solutions that ensure equipment is secure and easy to operate. Luckily, the new ULTRA.GUARD series from BINDER offers a pioneering way forward.

08 Mar. 2019
Trendspots Editorial Team

Based in the German town of Tuttlingen, the "international center for medical technology", BINDER is the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories. Offering a range of technical solutions, this company is playing a significant part in tangibly improving human health and safety. Its products are ideal for both routine applications and highly specific tasks in research and development, production and quality assurance. Complementing this portfolio perfectly are BINDER's new ULTRA.GUARD ultra-low temperature freezers.

State-of-the-art laboratories are increasingly calling for practical, user-friendly solutions that ensure equipment is secure and easy to operate. Never one to shy away from a challenge, BINDER has therefore launched its pioneering ULTRA.GUARD ultra-low temperature freezers. This series is particularly geared toward facilities with stringent security requirements for sample materials - ranging from public-sector testing units and hospitals through to universities and contract laboratories. Besides the stable performance parameters of the BINDER UF V freezers, there are also optional features for added security, such as CO2 back-up cooling technology and a GSM alarm system. What's more, only authorized staff members can access the appliance using personalized RFID key cards. BINDER has combined this heightened level of security with truly innovative solutions for enhanced data management and ease of use. For example, not only does the multifunctional control panel of the UF V freezers allow authorized users to program and control the appliance, but its RFID reader also supports convenient and secure data management.

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