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At LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover, the Chinese start-up Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments is demonstrating its Bioprep-24 homogenizer, which can break down the toughest of samples without affecting their molecular integrity.

06 May. 2019
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Allsheng BioPrep R24

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments is one of the many businesses emerging in China that - equipped with fresh capital and bursting with passion - are racing to establish themselves on the demanding, highly competitive laboratory technology market. Aware that such an endeavor involves presenting products and solutions at the relevant hotspots to attract the attention of a broad audience, Allsheng is tapping into LABVOLUTION 2019 to secure its position on the market, most notably in Europe. The company is in Hannover to showcase a range of innovations, including its Bioprep-24 homogenizer.

In biochemistry, homogenization refers to the disruption of cells to extract their 'homogenate' (organelles, proteins, DNA, mRNA or other biological molecules), with a distinction being drawn between mechanical and non-mechanical procedures. Bioprep-24 from Allsheng adopts the mechanical approach, using disposable tubes filled with lysing beads to homogenize even samples that are difficult to break open such as bone fragments - quickly, effectively and with reproducible results. Yet despite such hefty processing, this method is said to ensure samples still largely retain their molecular integrity.

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments at LABVOLUTION

At LABVOLUTION 2019 you could visit Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more

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