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Mettler-Toledo is showcasing SmartStand, the world's first intelligent pipette stand, at LABVOLUTION 2017. It is designed to help laboratories follow standard working procedures and ensure GLP/GMP compliance.

24 Apr. 2017
Mettler Toledo Smartstand

Mettler-Toledo GmbH from Giessen in Germany heralds its new SmartStand as the unique and easy-to-use solution for following standard working procedures and ensuring GLP/GMP compliance. The international manufacturer and distributor of precision instruments is demonstrating at LABVOLUTION how SmartStand enables researchers to instantly check the current status of their XLS or XLS+ Rainin pipettes.

The trick lies in the RFID chip that is integrated into every Rainin XLS and XLS+ pipette. By reading these chips, SmartStand can instantly and automatically display the compliance status for up to four pipettes - either manual (Pipet-Lite XLS/XLS+) or electronic (E4 XLS/XLS+). Pick up a pipette and SmartStand's LCD display switches to a detail view of its service and calibration status. Not only that, but with the aid of the accompanying custom-developed EasyDirect software, SmartStand provides an end-to-end pipette management solution. EasyDirect reads and organizes the data from each pipette processed in the SmartStand to provide users with a comprehensive pipette inventory. For example, EasyDirect can generate, sort and search for reports, and the pipette data can also be exported for use in other applications. On top of all that, the new SmartStand also has a quick charging station that can take up to four electronic pipettes at a time (E4 XLS and XLS+).

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Mettler-Toledo at LABVOLUTION

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