LABVOLUTION Digital Edition | September 2021
Informatics, Digitalization & Big Data

Augmented reality plugs the skills gap!

PTC is demonstrating at LABVOLUTION 2019 how easy augmented reality makes it for life science companies to become learning organizations and ensure their future viability. With PTC and its partner ecosystem, they can use the possibilities offered by today’s new technologies to drive the digital transformation.

13 May. 2019
Trendspots Editorial Office
PTC Vuforia-Expert-Capture

PTC - Parametric Technology GmbH is looking to use its well-established award-winning solutions to create industrial innovations that make companies and their products stand out, optimize their processes and boost staff productivity. PTC is convinced that the growing skills gap is preventing millions of vacancies at businesses and laboratories from being filled. Other factors it cites range from an aging workforce to stringent compliance and safety requirements. According to PTC, the loss of experienced employees - combined with increasingly complex products and growing customer demand - calls for new approaches to providing staff with relevant information in situ.

PTC is showcasing an approach of this kind at LABVOLUTION 2019. Vuforia Expert Capture is designed to help overcome the challenges outlined above by passing on the knowledge of experts at a company to other employees. Easy access to standardized work instructions prepared by specialists has the potential to significantly improve staff productivity, reduce the amount of waste, reworking and downtime, and ensure a high level of safety and compliance. Visitors to the PTC - Parametric Technology GmbH stand at LABVOLUTION 2019 will discover how they can use Vuforia Expert Capture to record the knowledge of their experts and make it available to other staff as an augmented reality experience.

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