LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May
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Half a century of expertise

The history of flow detectors used to identify the presence of radiolabeled substances in liquid chromatography stretches back about 50 years. At LABVOLUTION 2017, Berthold Technologies is exhibiting the culmination of all those decades of progress in the new FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector for HPLC.

09 Feb. 2017
Berthold LB 514

Berthold Technologies has invested half a century of expertise in the field of radio HPLC flow detection in the new FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector, which it claims to have set a new standard in radio HPLC analysis. Visitors to LABVOLUTION 2017 will be able to see for themselves whether the company has managed to meet its development goals in terms of maximum sensitivity, safety and flexibility.

The practical two-channel output is designed to make integrating the FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector into existing HPLC systems straightforward. Berthold Technologies has taken an optimized detector and electronics design for ultimate sensitivity and combined it with state-of-the-art touchscreen technology for fast, user-friendly operation. What’s more, the FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector can be operated via RadioStar radio HPLC software or the HPLC system’s own software, which further enhances its flexibility. Additional features include automatic cell detection, whereby a chip in the flow cell’s mounting frame contains all the vital cell information and ensures the correct cell has been inserted for the measurement process. The instrument also boasts an extensive library with an integrated scanning feature that can be used to improve the detector setup for isotopes.


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