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Apart from being the world’s largest manufacturer of measurement systems, Mettler Toledo produces a whole range of other precision instruments for use in laboratories, industrial applications and the food industry. The company is now driving forward the smart laboratory evolution at LABVOLUTION 2019.

27 Feb. 2019
Mettler-Toledo Seven2Go

Dedicated to providing its customers with measuring technology solutions to cover their entire value chain, Mettler Toledo offers precision instruments and services for a wide range of applications in R&D, quality control, production, logistics and retail trade across the globe. The company persistently strives to ensure its instruments don't just collect valuable data, but can also make it easier to process and transfer such data to customers’ management information systems.

Participating alongside 12 other businesses in this year's smartLAB - a special display of intelligent and networked solutions for the laboratory of the future at the upcoming LABVOLUTION - Mettler Toledo is keen to spark debate and generate new impetus for laboratory digitization with its chosen topic of "SmartVolution in the laboratory". After all, Mettler Toledo fervently believes that digitizing and networking laboratory processes can play a big part in enhancing an organization's profitability. Introducing intelligent device functions and lean principles into labs is reported to increase process reliability, ensure data integrity and facilitate more efficient planning of capacity and resources. Mettler Toledo's LABVOLUTION 2019 showcase boasts numerous impressive smart laboratory solutions, including the new SmartStand station for optimum quality management of pipettes, its FastTrack technology for rapid UV/VIS analyses, scales without draft shields capable of measuring to the nearest milligram, complete data integrity in chemical process development and its innovative portable Seven2Go measurement devices.

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Mettler-Toledo at LABVOLUTION

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