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LABVOLUTION the fitting grand finale to round off a world tour

Hamilton Bonaduz AG concluded its successful half-year global tour of important conferences and trade fairs headlining bioprocessing technology throughout Europe and the United States at LABVOLUTION 2017.

05 Jul. 2017

Global company Hamilton Bonaduz AG - with headquarters in Reno, Franklin (both in the United States) and Bonaduz (Switzerland) and further sales offices all over the world - and its subsidiaries lead the field in the development and production of liquid handling, process analytics, robotics and automated storage solutions. The company has spent more than 60 years earning its formidable reputation for meeting the most exacting requirements. It combines high-quality materials with first-class processing to provide customers with unbeatable results, as its global ISO 9001 certification confirms. Hamilton Bonaduz AG spent the first half of 2017 reinforcing its contacts within the sector at a wide range of events - mainly bioprocessing technology conferences and trade fairs - throughout Europe and the United States. After the grand finale at LABVOLUTION, Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton, confirmed the world tour had been a great success.

"We consider it important to attend these kinds of events as biotechnological processes are becoming increasingly important and demand is therefore growing for the relevant sensor solutions," says Dr. Georgy. "Our discussions with visitors and fellow experts have provided us with a stream of fresh inspiration that will have a positive effect on what can be very specialized customer requirements."

The first port of call on the tour was the INTERPHEX trade fair for pharmaceutical and biotechnology equipment in New York City in March. This was followed by the BioProcess International European Summit in Amsterdam, where Hamilton highlighted its Dencytee and Incytee sensors for measuring cell density. Shortly before LABVOLUTION, the roadshow swung by the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT) conference on familiar territory for Hamilton Bonaduz AG in Lausanne, Switzerland, which offered an outstanding platform and an audience of more than 900 for discussions with customers, partners and other interested parties. The jewel in the crown of the Hamilton Bonaduz AG roadshow was LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover, which proved an incredibly rewarding experience for the company, above all because of the many discerning discussions with visitors who were particularly interested in its ARC sensors, Dencytee and Incytee. "The events were a great success," says Dr. Georgy, adding: "We were able to gather a lot of useful information and make valuable contacts."

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Hamilton Bonaduz at LABVOLUTION

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