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Long name - compact solution

The NanoPhotometer N120 multi-channel microvolume spectrophotometer is actually an impressively compact solution - and IMPLEN GmbH has it on show at LABVOLUTION 2019.

17 May. 2019
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Implen NanoPhotometer N120

IMPLEN GmbH is renowned as a leading supplier of spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra-low volume samples. Focused on the needs of biological, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research, the company strives to ensure users benefit from comprehensive customer service, not to mention high-quality products such as the NanoPhotometer N120 multi-channel microvolume spectrophotometer it is exhibiting in Hannover.

Despite measuring just 20 x 20 cm, the highly compact NanoPhotometer N120 features a built-in touchscreen that is as easy to use as a PC or tablet. The N120 is designed to reliably scan up to twelve samples (200-900 nm) in just 20 seconds, measuring each one in a swift 1.7 seconds. Featuring a concentration range of 2 to 8,000 ng/µl (dsDNA), this innovation requires a mere 2 µl for each sample. The device can be kitted out with CFR 21-compliant software and user management functionality and is said to offer a whole host of options for integration into an existing network, extending as far as database incorporation or connection to a LIMS system. The maintenance-free NanoPhotometer N120 is ideal for high-throughput pharmaceutical or biotech laboratories that are subject to regulatory requirements.

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At LABVOLUTION 2019 you could visit IMPLEN on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more

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