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Nucleic acid extraction – paving the way to automation

More than 35 years after silica-based DNA and RNA isolation was first scientifically documented, Analytik Jena AG is appearing at LABVOLUTION 2017 with SmartExtraction – a global innovation in nucleic acid extraction.

15 Mar. 2017
Labortechnik Analytik Jena AG

SmartExtraction significantly accelerates and hugely simplifies the entire nucleic acid extraction process, paving the way to maximum automation. What’s more, to provide users with as much freedom as possible in their choice of materials, SmartExtraction is designed to be platform-independent. This new technology can be used with all Analytik Jena pipetting systems, including InnuPure® C16 & C96, CyBio® SELMA, GeneTheatre and CyBio® FeliX, and is simple to adapt for use with any liquid handling system.

In addition to simplifying procedures, SmartExtraction also delivers the edge over other technologies in terms of yield, DNA quality and efficiency – and the developers at Analytik Jena AG are at LABVOLUTION 2017 to show us just how. For instance, thanks to high binding capacities, large amounts of high-molecular DNA can be extracted using the appropriate starting materials. Compared to magnetic particle technology used in conjunction with automated pipetting extraction systems, Analytik Jena AG reports a significant increase in the quantity of nucleic acid extracted in many applications, while processing time is substantially reduced. All in all, SmartExtraction is being billed as much more than a matter of optimization – it’s a real quantum leap!

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Analytik Jena at LABVOLUTION

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