LABVOLUTION 2021, 04 - 06 May
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Unleash the genius inside!

Hamburg-based startup Geniu wants to help its customers achieve this ambitious undertaking with specially adapted benchmarking for laboratories. Visitors to LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover can find out exactly how it all works.

17 May. 2017

Although still very young, this is one startup with no shortage of confidence in its abilities and describes itself as an innovative consulting and training company with benchmarking that is unique in the world. Made popular in the 1990s, benchmarking is used to determine a company's position compared to competitors, identify where improvements can be made and set the necessary changes in motion. In Geniu's area of activity, that means implementing a laboratory optimization program or developing a lab strategy.

The tools it uses include a training requirements analysis for staff, a KPI comparison based on a robust proprietary standardization method, and systematic analysis of the weak points and "blind spots" in a lab. Comparing more than 100 laboratory best practices should make it possible to improve lab processes and practices with precision - and with the support of the modular benchmarking structure that Geniu offers. For example, the benchmarking process begins by determining where the in-house lab currently stands, then confirming objectives and identifying the scope for improvement. Once the corresponding carefully targeted improvements have been implemented, they are assessed at the end of the process and accredited with impact certificates. The startup promises to provide customers with an efficient analysis that requires far less input than an in-house analysis but delivers additional ideas for improvement and brings new momentum to day-to-day work thanks to external process management. It may even unleash the inner genius...

Visitors to LABVOLUTION who are interested in online courses on optimizing processes and improving productivity in the lab can also find out more about lean laboratory management techniques at the Geniu stand.

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