LABVOLUTION 2021, 04 - 06 May
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Here you'll find all questions and answers around LABVOLUTION and COVID-19 - to be updated on an ongoing basis.

Answers key questions on LABVOLUTION 2021

Will the next LABVOLUTION be taking place from 4 to 6 May 2021 in Hannover?

Yes, we will definitely be staging a first-class business forum for this industry sector.

Even in these challenging times, we are confident that LABVOLUTION will more than live up to its reputation as the flagship European trade show for innovative laboratory equipment and the optimization of laboratory workflows. We will be closely teaming up with our exhibitors and other loyal partners to produce what is certain to be another winning event. It goes without saying that we will ensure the safety of our guests by implementing the hygienic and social distancing concepts laid down by the German health authorities and the Robert Koch Institute.

What will LABVOLUTION be like under the given conditions?

We will be ensuring the highest possible standards of hygiene, safety and medical care at LABVOLUTION 2021. Our top priority is to guarantee the health and safety of all of our clients, business partners and their guests. Like all the other exhibition companies in Germany, we will be following the strict guidelines of the German Health Department and the Robert Koch Institute.

For example, we will be gathering the details of all participants during registration so that we can trace who was potentially in contact with whom, and when. Deutsche Messe is committed to ensuring a safe and successful tradeshow experience for all concerned. Should a change in hall layouts be necessary, we will dynamically adapt the site to reflect the latest developments.

During the stand design and building phases as well as during the exhibition, infection prevention at exhibitors’ stands is the responsibility of each exhibitor and the exhibitor’s subcontractors. Deutsche Messe's Technical Guidelines have been expanded to include additional stipulations pertaining to infection prevention. These stipulations are valid with immediate effect, and until further notice.

You will find Deutsche Messe’s current conditions for conducting events here. For further details or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We'd like to register but are still undecided. What aspects do we need to bear in mind?

We are delighted that you are still considering showing your products at LABVOLUTION. You can register as usual via our online shop. You can start signing up to participate here . Your contact partners will be happy to assist you with any questions and will advise you on our flexible participation options, allowing you to plan your participation ideally in line with your requirements, even under these special circumstances.

To provide you with added security when registering, we will waive the cancellation charge of 10% of the participation fee, as specified in Section 10.3 of the Conditions of Participation for LABVOLUTION 2021, in the event that you cancel by 31 December 2020 in accordance with Sections 10.1 and 10.2 of the same Conditions of Participation.

Please be sure to observe the currently valid protective measures and requirements for exhibitors and any stand construction companies commissioned by you during the construction and dismantling periods as well as for exhibition grounds logistics. This currently includes, among other things, adherence to the distance and hygiene rules and the installation of temporary sneeze guards and/or the obligation to wear mouth-and-nose coverings where a minimum distance of 1.50 m cannot be maintained.

If the event is postponed or cancelled, what kind of cost accommodations will be made?

It is our firm intent to stage LABVOLUTION in the scheduled timeslot, i.e. from 04 - 06 May 2021. If, contrary to expectations, a postponement of the event becomes unavoidable, your registration will of course remain valid for the new timeslot chosen. In order to give you maximum security when registering, we have decided to waive the usual 25% cancellation fee (see Clauses 8.2.1 and 8.2.2. in the Conditions for Participation in LABVOLUTION 2021) in the unlikely event that Deutsche Messes is compelled to give advance notice of cancellation, relocation, postponement or curtailment.

Our Conditions for Participation governing exhibitors’ claims and rights – and those of Deutsche Messe AG – otherwise remain valid.

May we still change the size of our stand?

You may change your requested stand size right up until the time the official stand confirmation letters are issued, and we will then do our best to accommodate your wishes if at all possible. And even if you still wish to make changes after having received your stand confirmation letter, rest assured we will do our utmost to find a mutually agreeable solution for you.

What happens with any services that we might have ordered from third parties?

Services ordered directly from third parties (service providers, service partners) are subject to conditions agreed upon by the parties who concluded the contract. In this case, Deutsche Messe will not reimburse any costs.

Will there be a virtual or digital participation option for LABVOLUTION?

We are currently developing digital participation formats which we are planning to offer as a complement to the established tradeshow format.

However, we are firmly convinced that physical networking within the industry is indispensable for initiating business deals. LABVOLUTION in particular offers a wide range of visual and tactile tradeshow experiences, making it an excellent and cost-efficient marketing tool. At the same time, however, Deutsche Messe aims to gradually develop the exhibition grounds into a highly innovative, multi-functional campus. LABVOLUTION will also benefit from this in the future.

How can I receive regular updates on the latest developments concerning LABVOLUTION?

As a news service subscriber, you'll receive regular updates on all the latest news about your tradeshow visit as well as on exhibitors, top offerings and industry trends. Register here for the free newsletter !

Needless to say, you can also contact us directly. Should your company require further support due to the current special circumstances, we will certainly be able to find an appropriate solution in joint dialogue with you.

What if there is a second or third wave of COVID-19 in the spring of 2021?

The safety and health of all our customers, partners and guests enjoys the highest priority for us.

Unfortunately, we are not yet in a position to predict what other eventualities might have an impact on the general situation and thus on LABVOLUTION in the months that lie ahead. Should new developments arise, we will have to reassess the situation and take the necessary steps. We will keep you up to date on developments, and are keenly interested in finding mutually agreeable solutions with our exhibitors.

What is the local government’s policy concerning trade fairs staged in Hannover?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the trade fair and conference industry is experiencing a crisis of unimaginable proportions. The Managing Board of Deutsche Messe is in constant dialogue with Hannover’s municipal government. The strong trust shared by both parties makes it easier to coordinate safety and hygiene regulations for successful and safe tradeshows in Hannover.


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