The upgraded version of Glomax, which now sports the suffix "Discover", also likes to help out - with a broad range of applications in the laboratory. Glomax helps users to master the challenges of measuring luminescence, fluorescence, UV-visible absorption, BRET and FRET. The reader can work with plates ranging from 96 to 384 wells. And there are further parallels with its Disney relation to be found in the Glomax Discover maxim of "Set up, plug in and go!" Fortunately, the teething troubles suffered by Baymax are nowhere to be found in this detection device, which has been optimized specifically for Promega's wide range of assays. Glomax helps with the readout of reporter, kinetic and protein assays and with determining cell viability and apoptosis. Glomax works just as well as a stand-alone device or integrated into an automated high-throughput workflow.

To showcase the numerous potential applications, Promega is staging live demonstrations of various measuring tasks every day at its stand from 2 to 3 p.m. Visitors to LABVOLUTION 2017 are also being given an insight into the manufacturer's extensive portfolio of different assays for the analysis of cellular and biochemical processes. There will even be offers to rent a Glomax detection device for temporary use. Promega is keen to point out that the devices are constantly being developed to suit new applications, as they arise. You never know, maybe Disney might like to follow suit and finally release a Baymax 2, too?