Corning has gained recognition around the world mainly thanks to its famous Gorilla Glass, used primarily as a screen protector for premium smartphones. However, the company has a lot more to offer besides. For over 160 years, Corning - a global market leader and trailblazer in materials science - has been using its expansive expertise in specialty glass, ceramics and optical physics in collaboration with its specialist partners to develop new materials, products and processes that have become virtually indispensable in day-to-day lab work. The new Corning Cell Counter was one of several new developments to feature in the company’s showcase at the recent LABVOLUTION 2019.

Lab workers have always had to decide between either counting cells manually, which is usually very accurate, but often time-consuming and subject to user error, or opting for automatic cell counting. Although the latter is quicker and less user-dependent, constantly replacing disposable counting slides can get rather expensive. Corning has now come up with an alternative approach that relieves lab workers of this dilemma. The new Corning Cell Counter is said to be the first device of its kind to bring together the very best features of both automatic and manual cell counting. Not only that, but Corning proclaims this innovation is fast, accurate and low-cost - fast thanks to its cloud-based image processing, accurate as a result of its machine learning algorithm, and low-cost because no consumables are required. What's more, the Corning Cell Counter is specially designed to be very easy to use - to begin a count, users simply need to place a loaded counting chamber onto the stage and press start.