The qTOWER3 product family of standard real-time PCR devices from Analytik Jena delivers exceptional flexibility, along with state-of-the-art ramping rates of up to 6°C per second. With the help of silver block technology, these real-time PCR tools provide exceptional temperature uniformity, as well as maximized heating and cooling rates for short PCR protocols and reproducible reaction conditions in each individual well. In combination with the patented optical system, which includes maintenance-free LED technology, qTOWER3 products are designed to ensure precise and reliable data capture. What's more, the instruments are available with an optional gradient function and, according to Analytik Jena, can be used to quickly optimize new assays in a single run.

The qTOWER3 product family from Analytik Jena AG delivers well-supported results for all real-time PCR applications. Unmatched temperature control precision is ensured for each sample block, no matter how many samples are used - from 96 right up to 384. The patented high-performance fiber optics allow exceptional, homogeneous excitation and detection for each individual sample. The qTOWER3 product family’s flexibility is supported by its tried-and-tested filter module equipment, which can be freely configured and expanded at any time, enabling up to six-fold multiplexing. Meanwhile, the high-quality silver sample block is designed to optimize thermal conductivity.