Büchi is a very well-known global company - not only for supplying laboratory technology for research and development, quality control and the systems used in production monitoring and control, but also as a prominent exhibitor at LABVOLUTION. The innovative prowess of Büchi’s developers ensures the product premieres keep on coming, even in between the European trade fairs for pioneering lab equipment. A prime example of this relentless innovation is the brand-new NIR instrument ProxiMate, developed specially for the food and animal feed industries.

This robust unit is highly resistant to all standard cleaning agents, as its hygienic design is based exclusively on FDA-certified materials. "The tough environment in food and animal feed processing facilities makes it difficult to analyze samples for quality control or process optimization quickly and reliably," says Vahé Iplikci, Director of the Food & Feed Business Unit at Büchi. "We have developed the ProxiMate NIR spectrometer to combine first-class performance with unsurpassed robustness, as confirmed by its IP 66 protection class certification for water and dust. This hygienic, intelligently designed device can be used out of the box and makes it possible to analyze samples from many different production phases."

ProxiMate is optimized for easy operation and cost-efficient sample processing. It has also been standardized for seamless integration with other Büchi production lines and laboratory NIR instruments and easy data transfer from other spectrometers. "Our latest NIR spectrometer is designed exclusively for the food and animal feed industries and thus primed to meet these needs precisely and cost-efficiently without any compromises," says Iplikci. "ProxiMate's unique down-view option means it's ideal for measuring samples in open containers, making it attractive for use in glass-free production environments and with large sample containers for inhomogeneous products. The instrument's additional visible wavelength range also supports the measurement of NIR-independent parameters such as color or baking and roasting levels, and enhances calibration precision for a number of other parameters."

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