"Today's cell culture requires more than just technical solutions for optimized growth conditions and efficient contamination prevention," says Dr. Patrik Ferreira. The Business Manager for cell culture products at Eppendorf is only too aware of ever-growing user requirements: "For several years, customers involved in Eppendorf's development process have reported an increasing demand for devices that are flexible, support increasing documentation demands and utilize resources sustainably. Through our contact with customers, we've also seen interest in a future 'networked lab' environment grow over the last two years."

Following the 2007 acquisition of New Brunswick Scientific - which brought with it the well-known Galaxy CO2 incubators and decades of market experience - Eppendorf now aims to meet the aforementioned requirements with its own in-house developments. Produced in Hamburg, Germany, the new CellXpert CO2 incubator series incorporates several typical Eppendorf features, such as a fanless design and a deep-drawn chamber. However, it also includes numerous innovations, such as multiple integrated temperature sensors, smart gas control and a magnetic door closing concept for enhanced ergonomics. What's more, the CellXpert C170i variant also boasts Eppendorf's VisioNize system for remote monitoring.

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