HiperScan GmbH from Dresden joined forces with the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) in developing the scanning-grating technology for its innovative, high-quality Finder SD NIR spectrometer. Decades of development work are channeled into all of the company's NIR spectrometers. Its Apo-Ident - an analysis system specially designed to help pharmacists identify base materials - has already propelled HiperScan to the top of the German market in this segment.

The company describes its latest innovation, the Finder SD, as an NIR spectrometer for industrial applications that performs both qualitative and quantitative determinations with numerous additional benefits. For example, analyses are performed using a non-contact, non-destructive process that requires no preparation of samples. HiperScan highlights its fast, simple, reproducible and highly reliable qualities. The Finder SD is designed to meet a wide range of requirements. HiperScan can either refer users to its bank of off-the-shelf calibration libraries or provide the calibration services required to support highly customized activities. Alternatively, industrial customers can perform their own spectral recordings to suit their specific requirements. This opens up an incredibly wide range of uses, thus making the Finder SD a useful analysis tool not only for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also for measuring concentrations in the food and agricultural sectors.