After years of working on the extraction of nucleic acids in various companies, the founders of BioEcho were only too aware of how little progress had been made in the speed, extraction rates and cleanup quality achieved with conventional methods. It was their belief that even the most firmly rooted techniques in molecular biology can still be improved that led them to found BioEcho, which saw the production line for EchoLUTION go into action last year.

EchoLUTION is the name of their innovative one-step DNA isolation technology. The manufacturers promise to make work protocols two- to five-times shorter while improving both extraction efficiency and the quality of the isolated nucleic acids. According to BioEcho, the EchoLUTION columns, which work on the principle of negative chromatography, are extremely efficient at absorbing contaminants, which achieves a high yield (more than 95 percent) of the DNA that needs isolating. If that’s not enough, BioEcho also points out that its products contain no harmful chemicals and produce significantly less plastic waste than their conventional counterparts - right down to the packaging! And all this innovative prowess comes without drastically increasing the price.So far, EchoLUTION kits are available with columns for the cleanup of DNA from blood and cultivated cells, animal or human tissue, bacteria and plant tissue, while versions for isolating RNA and plasmid DNA are in the pipeline.