With its origins in the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research in Dresden, Better Basics is committed to the "Made in Germany" trademark in more than one way. The Dresden-based company understands high innovation as the key element of entrepreneurial success and therefore supports its users and partners to remain competitive and successful. The best example of this is the SmartRack, which was voted Product of the Year 2022 by the readers of the trade journal LABO.

As a modular laboratory organization system, the SmartRack ensures order at laboratory workstations. It enables a wide variety of laboratory accessories to be housed and stored temporarily. It is designed to allow the user to operate it efficiently with one hand and to increase safety at the workplace. Thanks to its modular design, the SmartRack can be adapted to different fields of application. As basic equipment for laboratories, it is used in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy and medicine, among others.

All SmartRack modules that can be hooked directly into slot rails have an integrated click system to provide the user with haptic feedback when positioning the holder modules within the slot rail. Since all holder modules can be freely positioned within a slot rail, users have complete freedom in arranging them according to the needs of the work to be done. Once locked in place, the SmartRack modules are designed to remain securely in place within the SmartRack frame even when the slot rail is moved to another level of use. This protects users and their research from accidents at work or loss of specimens.