Biozym Scientific GmbH is an independent, performance-focused company that has been supplying sophisticated solutions for the life sciences market in Germany, Austria and other European countries for over 30 years. In addition to high-performance equipment systems, the Biozym portfolio also includes consumables, biochemicals and tailored services. In the field of molecular biology, the focus is on qPCR technology, next generation sequencing, in vitro transcription, cell cultures, protein detection and the identification/purification of molecular biological substances. In the run-up to LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover, Biozym has unveiled the CellDrop FL Fluorescence Automated Cell Counter from DeNovix Inc.

The CellDrop is the first instrument to incorporate DeNovix's patent-pending DirectPipette technology, which removes the need for costly plastic slides. Based on the SmartPath technology of the DS-11FX series, the CellDrop also uses the established Load, Measure & Wipe Clean workflow. With its variable volume, the counting chamber can adapt automatically to the ideal height of a sample. This is designed to improve accuracy and measure across a wide dynamic range without the need for dilution. Dual fluorescence and brightfield optics combine with the integrated high-performance EasyApps software to support a variety of cell-counting, viability and transfection efficiency assays. Pre-installed AO/PI, brightfield, Trypan blue and GFP apps ensure methods can be customized to users’ specific requirements. The CellDrop boasts a high-definition 7-inch touchscreen, which is ideal for reviewing live images, data and reports. All instruments also benefit from WiFi, USB and Ethernet connectivity, which makes it easy to export data via e-mail, network drives, network printers or USB drives. The CellDrop is available in dual fluorescence and brightfield or brightfield-only models.