The STARLAB group of companies specializes in liquid handling technology and laboratory products and boasts a portfolio that includes laboratory consumables such as pipette tips, single and multi-channel pipettes and equipment for general laboratory use. The group's products and services are aimed primarily at public sector research establishments, such as biological and medical institutes, universities and hospitals, as well as life science companies. STARLAB has now launched the new GuardOne Workstation for sensitive and critical laboratory applications that require an impeccably clean environment protected against potential contamination by bacteria, DNA or RNA.

With its energy-saving fan, real-time airflow measurement and two-stage filter system, the GuardOne Workstation creates a cleanroom environment (laminar flow models) to ISO class 5. An integrated UV lamp with timer function and 9,000-hour service life ensures quick and easy decontamination of the working area. The workstation itself is made of transparent, UV-impermeable polycarbonate, offering users a perfect view of the workspace and complete protection against UV radiation during decontamination. An automatic safety switch on the sash door provides additional protection against UV light when work is in progress. Besides cleanliness and safety, the GuardOne Workstation has also been developed with user-friendliness and the environment in mind. For example, the intuitive touchscreen can also be used when wearing laboratory gloves. The integrated lab timer and automated monitoring functions for the UV lamp and HEPA filters make work even easier, while a color-coded indicator shows the status of the GuardOne Workstation at a glance at any time. The six-piece, space-saving workstation is designed to be assembled in just 15 minutes without any tools. What’s more, STARLAB reports that GuardOne is one of the most energy-efficient options in its segment, thanks to its energy-saving LED lamps and cutting-edge fan technology.

STARLAB International GmbH (22143 Hamburg, Germany)