When things get busy at the stand, there's not always much time for detailed questions. And the exhibition hall is not always the most suitable place for putting instruments through their paces.

LABVOLUTION has the solution: the Lab USER Dialogue. This format enables manufacturers and users to exchange ideas and information in a focused atmosphere – right next to the exhibition and free of charge for all participants.

Four rooms in the conference area of the LABVOLUTION hall will be available for the Lab USER Dialogue and will be used throughout all three days of the trade show. The program is divided into two different segments: Firstly, the Lab USER Dialogue will feature concise product presentations, each lasting around an hour. The number of participants will vary between 15 and 30. Registration is not required.

"The Lab USER Dialogue is receiving a very positive response on the market. It's particularly important to us that users actually meet the product managers and thus the experts. This creates an opportunity for in-depth technical discussions, from which both sides benefit."

Secondly, companies will offer user workshops at the Lab USER Dialogue in which product managers can demonstrate their solutions and instruments in more detail and users can take time to try them out. "These are high-quality workshops with speakers from the development department rather than marketing," said Heinold. "Networking is the primary goal here, not selling." The workshops last for two hours and are limited to a maximum of ten participants.

The integrated laboratory is also an important aspect of the Lab USER Dialogue. As a result, this format will feature a panel discussion on the integrated lab:

  • What is the current situation?
  • What challenges do users face?
  • What problems do digitization and integration solve?
  • And what problems need to be solved in order to develop an integrated lab?
  • These are all questions that will be addressed by representatives from industry and research on Tuesday 21 May, from 12.30 to 2 pm. Participants in the discussion will include Dr. Thorsten Teutenberg, Head of the Research Analysis Department at the Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology, Professor Kerstin Thurow, Head of the Institute of Automation Technology at the University of Rostock, author and managing director of BSSN Software, Tanja Musiol, Head of Global Marketing at Eppendorf, Christian Völk, Head of Marketing at Düperthal, Carmen Wiederuh, Head of Marketing at Mettler Toledo, and Mathis Kuchejda, Chairman of the Association of Analytical, Bio and Laboratory Technology at the German high-tech industry association Spectaris.

    The panel discussion will take place in the smartLAB presentation area. smartLAB is one of the highlights of Europe's flagship event for innovative lab technology and laboratory workflow optimization. The project shows a vision brought to life: the intelligent lab of the future.