A personal chat at an exhibition stand is just the start. As soon as you need to delve more deeply into certain complex topics, as soon as you need to have services or products explained in greater detail, as soon as your staff members require further training or a topic needs to be explored more intensively – then you need to have just the right format. That is the idea behind the LabUSER exhibitor forum at the LABVOLUTION exhibition – featuring the life sciences BIOTECHNICA event in Hannover, Germany. The forum will take place at the conference facilities in Hall 19, in direct proximity to the exhibition. While the LABVOLUTION organizers are contributing the facilities, the forum program itself will be decided by the exhibitors.

"Exhibitors and attending professionals stand to benefit equally from the new LabUSER exhibitor forum," remarked Bernd Heinold, LABVOLUTION Project Director at Deutsche Messe, who went on to say. "The added value for participating companies consists of the exclusive offerings they can provide, above and beyond the products and services they will be displaying at their stands. Visitors on the other hand will not only get a fascinating look at the available products and services, but can also gain additional qualifications by attending certified workshops."

The LabUSER exhibitor forum consists of two main elements: product and solution presentations on the one hand, and workshops and training on the other. Companies can take advantage of the LabUSER exhibitor forum to showcase their product innovations and services to a select audience of professionals in a highly focused setting, while at the same time offering seminars and workshops for attendees on a wide range of topics.

Keynote themes and certified workshops

Attendees of the LabUSER exhibitor forum can expect a rich and varied program on topics like "Workflow Optimization in Everyday Lab Practice", "Digitalization – the Digital Lab" and "Emerging Technologies". Many of the seminars and workshops which companies are offering in this context are also certified. This means attendees will receive certificates confirming their participation. Some companies like Eppendorf and Sartorius have already committed to offering certified workshops. The number of participants per workshop is limited to 20. Special-focus presentations with discussion time afterwards are also part of the program.

The conference facilities in Hall 19 are ideally suited to the LabUSER exhibitor forum. Since the size however is limited and certain timeslots are more popular than others, it pays to register without delay. The timeslots at the LabUSER exhibitor forum last 30 to 60 minutes and are available from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all three days of the show. The rooms have space for 10 to 50 people.
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