Analytik Jena and Thermo Fisher Scientific have teamed up to develop a streamlined new process for extracting cell-free DNA (cfDNA) by combining Analytik Jena’'s CyBio FeliX liquid handling platform with the Thermo Scientific Spinnaker Robot, KingFisher Presto purification system and MagMAX cell-free DNA isolation kit. "We are excited to integrate our deep knowledge in automation and liquid handling into a complete solution package with Thermo Fisher's workflow-based solutions for new application areas in the world of life sciences," says Ulrich Krauss, CEO of Analytik Jena.

The aim is to help researchers optimize their results and accelerate throughput without having to invest a great deal of time and money in programming customized systems. "Laboratories are constantly seeking new ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes so as to advance scientific research," said Hansjoerg Haas, senior director and general manager of laboratory automation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “"Thermo Fisher is uniquely positioned to deliver a range of state-of-the-art laboratory automation solutions that build on years of customer feedback and incorporate innovative technologies, such as cloud connectivity, robotics and vision control. By designing systems that can be used by experts and novices alike, we’'re helping customers to drive scientific innovation," he explains.