If there's anywhere you want to completely rule out the possibility of mix-ups, it's surely in a laboratory. That's why being able to label samples in a way that leaves zero room for confusion is absolutely essential. For this very reason, the BRADY Corporation, an international manufacturer and supplier of end-to-end labeling solutions, has revisited the issue to cover all bases. The result is a new label for laboratory samples that can be used to mark up to eight PCR tubes at a time.

BRADY's B-492 label for PCR tubes actually consists of eight smaller perforated labels in one long strip. The self-adhesive strip can thus be attached to eight PCR tubes in a rack and then separated along the perforations to produce individual labels for each tube. The B-492 labels for PCR tubes are made from polyester, which makes them resistant to common laboratory chemicals such as DMSO, xylene and ethanol as well as low and high temperatures. A special adhesive ensures the labels stay securely attached to curved PCR tubes, even in liquid nitrogen. BRADY strongly recommends using its own label printer for the job to be as sure as possible that the ink will not smudge or fade during laboratory processes.

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