The single-layer version of the CELLdisc cell culture vessel in combination with the CELLring equilibration tool, CELLhandle gripper and CELLswing automation promises to deliver a perfectly coordinated system for mass cell cultures. It monitors cell morphology, adherence and confluence, thus enabling users to decide quickly and easily whether to change media or harvest cells for all CELLdisc formats, which can be cultivated in parallel under identical conditions and in large quantities. This version of CELLdisc can also be used as an alternative to a tissue culture flask with a growth area of up to 250 square centimeters.

The single-layer CELLdisc extends the CELLdisc range, which was already available with 4, 8, 16 and 40 layers. Its compact, robust and cylindrical design is said to make CELLdisc just as suited to smaller test series as it is for automation and the quantifiable scale-up of mass cell cultures in growth areas of between 250 and 10,000 square centimeters. According to Greiner Bio-One, the surface treatment of the vessels, their ventilation via a central gas channel - which gives users a choice between active and passive gassing - and the intake and exhaust air filters combine to support optimum cell growth.

With its innovative ergonomic CELLdisc design, Greiner Bio-One International GmbH is committed to making it considerably easier to cultivate mammalian cells. Thanks to CELLdisc, it should be possible to create a cell culture in just a few steps. After filling the vessel with cell suspension and closing the screw cap, CELLdisc is tipped onto its side so that the screw cap is at the lowest point and the fluid can spread evenly to all layers. The CELLdisc is simply rolled to turn it through 90 degrees and stop any more fluid from being transferred. It can then be tipped upright again and placed in the incubator with the layers horizontal.