At just 28 centimeters wide, the exceptionally compact, new arium mini ultra-pure water system from Sartorius will fit into almost any laboratory environment. Specially developed for applications that require no more than 10 liters of ultra-pure water per day, the arium mini can supply a flow rate of up to one liter per minute. The two versions of this compact ultra-pure water system are on show side-by-side to visitors at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover.

The arium mini requires no fixed connection to a water supply, as it is fed by an integrated bag, which is filled via the system’s own built-in pump. Pre-treated water is automatically pumped into the bag as the source for manufacturing ultra-pure water. The five-liter bag, which was originally designed for pharmaceutical applications, is extremely well suited for storing purified water because its closed bagtank system prevents secondary contamination and thus ensures consistent high-quality water. Refill times are shorter than for conventional tank systems because the bags are so easy to change. What's more, there is no need to use corrosive cleaning agents, which makes the system much safer to use.

The arium mini Plus model can be directly attached to a water supply, which is then pre-treated using a special cartridge containing activated charcoal and a reverse osmosis filter that is securely fitted inside the integrated bag. The final processing step to produce the ultra-pure water takes place in the specially developed arium purifying cartridge. For analytical and particularly critical applications, such as HPLC/UHPLC, the arium mini can also be equipped with an optional UV lamp (185/254 nm) so as to produce ultra-pure water that is free from organic components.