As an up-and-coming start-up, GoSilico GmbH is always on the lookout for new recruits eager to develop cutting-edge simulation technology, thus ushering in the next generation of pharmaceutical bioprocesses. The company is very clear about its goals - it wants to replace more and more traditional approaches to scientific experiments with computer-assisted methods to help users save money and, above all, time. With this in mind, GoSilico is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to debut its innovative software solution - ChromX.

This simulation software aims to move chromatography experiments almost entirely from the lab to the computer. ChromX significantly reduces the number of lab experiments needed to initialize a computer model of a column, as all other experiments can be simulated by the software in silico afterwards. This approach is said to eliminate the need for up to 95% of practical lab experiments. Not only can this help process optimization and characterization - it is also said to improve quality and reduce risks. This makes the software perfect for in-silico process optimization, robustness studies and worst-case analyses.